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The Importance of Heart Coherence

Recent studies have shown that when we achieve heart coherence, we are more powerful and in flow. Even though, we have had thoughts about doing something but felt something deep inside telling you not to? Two little voices from within telling you different things. Your mind and your heart battling it out to see who wins.

Scientific studies show that the heart and the mind do communicate with each other. Each with its own type of intelligence. And the thing is, they don’t always agree. When this happens, your heart, mind, and emotions are out of alignment.

For a long time, it was thought the heart’s only job was to pump blood. And it is. But it also does so much more.

Have you ever noticed that when your mood changes or something unexpected happens around you, even before you really understand what happened, your heart has already reacted?

And have you ever noticed that each new emotion you experience, good or bad, has your heart racing at different rhythms?

We now know the heart can communicate with other parts of the body and actually sends more information to the brain than the brain sends back.

Our heart rhythm is directly tied to what happens inside us, body and brain.

But what if that rhythm is all over the place and not harmonious? Not consistent? This lack of harmony is what is being sent to our brain and body, leading to negative feelings and emotions, such as anger, frustration, anxiety, worry, sadness, overwhelm. It is limiting our cognitive function – our ability to think clearly, learn, reason, make effective decisions – and decreasing productivity.

The brain is being hindered by the heart’s lack of coherence.

And have you ever felt like you are “in the zone” and everything just seems to magically fall into place? You feel calm, cool, collected, and in control. Amazing, isn’t it?

That is Heart Coherence. When your body, heart, mind, and emotions work together harmoniously. Their energy aligns and they cooperate with each other and with your intentions.

When your heart rhythm is consistent – coherent – it leads to positive feelings and emotions such as confidence, appreciation, love, gratitude, courage. It also leads to profound effects on your brain function – better cognitive function and memory – higher mental clarity, and a deeper emotional experience.

You see, the brain is actually taking its clues from the heart on how we should feel.

And when we are Heart Coherent, our energy levels also increase, leading to higher efficiency.

Furthermore, Heart Coherence helps us access our deeper intuition, giving us a new sense of clarity and relaxation, which helps with what could, otherwise, be complex decisions.

It is important, however, to know that Heart Coherence brings relaxation, but it is not relaxation. Relaxation, in itself, is a state of calm and is associated with a lack of high productivity. Heart Coherence optimizes health, clarity, and performance. There is a flow of awareness. We remain stress-free, alert, present, clear-minded.

We become more mindful.

This is something we can train to achieve. This harmony of Heart, Mind, Body, Emotions, and Intentions.

Are you curious about it? Want to try it? Explore Heart Coherence with Healify Healers who can guide you and teach you to achieve it. Contact us to find out more.


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