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Oura Ring – Five Best Features

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My Oura ring 3 Generation purchase has really stood out from the rest of the wearable health gadgets I have been experimenting and purchased. I have had it for more than a year and never take it off. Like most people I go through the fads and after a few months, I am over it. But not with the Oura Ring.

A simple metal band that very accurately tracks your activity levels, your sleep quality, and your stress levels. Sounds quite futuristic and revolutionary for an average person but truth be told, the word revolutionary might be an understatement for this brilliant piece of engineering.

I got my Oura ring during the Covid lockdown, and I was blown away by the remarkable influence it had not only on my physical health but also on my mindset. After just a few weeks of wearing it, I felt in charge of my health, my days, and my life.

So, today it’s my turn to pay it forward in a sense and tell you why I love this little tracking marvel so much. Everything I am going to share is based on my personal experience with the Oura ring, so hopefully, you will find tons of details that you won’t be able to learn anywhere else on the internet.

The Hardware and the Convenience

One thing that initially attracted me to the Oura ring was how cool it looks. A simple and chic metal band. That’s it! That’s all you need to track your fitness. The idea seemed pretty impressive to me for all aesthetic purposes.

Of course, till that time, I hadn’t bought the ring, So I wouldn’t have known that it not only looked fine, but it was also super easy to wear and lightweight too.

You put it on once, and you forget about it.

That’s the most accurate explanation of how it feels to have the Oura ring on. It is so much more convenient to wear than the other fitness or sleep tracker options. Plus, the kind of sensors it has to support all the amazing functions and all of that being packed into a small ring speaks volumes about the ingenuity of the brand.

Also, let’s not forget the part that this ring looks more like a fine accessory rather than a fitness tracker. I have received numerous compliments for my cool ring over the years and when I break it to them that it’s in fact a fitness tracker – most people are pleasantly surprised.

The Sleep Tracking Mechanism

A major reason due to which I bought the Oura ring during lockdown was that I was gaining a lot of weight, and that too quite rapidly. Now you need to understand that I am not a couch potato who believes in wasting his time sitting around different screens all day, yet the lockdown triggered those tendencies in me & that’s when I knew I had to do something before it was too late.

Not only were my activity levels off the track, but my sleep quality wasn’t great either, which meant that my body didn’t get the rest it needed.

The Oura ring not only briefed me on my sleep but also monitored my heart rate variability during sleep too, which showed how deep and peaceful of a rest I had. Also, it was quick to catch whenever I took a nap, or I was just lying-in bed but not really sleeping. The Oura ring is very accurate with these measurements.

So, once I started paying more attention to regulating my sleep cycles, my weight started coming down automatically. Creating a sleep structure allowed my body to not only shed the extra weight but also feel better in terms of overall health. This was a true testament to the efficacy of this tracker to me.

The Heart Rate Variability Measurements

Heart rate variability, or HRV for short, is a measure of stress in your body. A general rule is that a high HRV indicates that your body is in a relaxed and rest-and-digest mode. While a lower HRV is a signal for the activation of the fight-or-response in the body, this, in layman’s language, means that your body is quite stressed.

I am particularly curious about this metric because I have attended a few meditation retreats over the past year, and that’s where I learned the magic of heart coherence. I won’t go into a lot of details about heart coherence here, but to put it in a few words, the state of heart coherence decreases the production of stress hormones and improves your immune function. Heart coherence is tied to your HRV, and a high HRV indicates a state of heart coherence.

The Oura ring monitors your HRV not only during the day but at night as well when you are fast asleep. This data has been instrumental in helping me know my stress levels and subsequently work on decreasing them as much as possible.

Measurement of the Activity Levels

This feature of the Oura ring is similar to what other fitness trackers offer as well, yet it doesn’t make it any less useful, in my opinion.

Oura is great at tracking the steps you take and the calories you burn by doing any movement each day. It, in fact, has the capability to automatically detect and log almost 30+ different activities, so you don’t have to worry about helping your tracker in determining what activity you are indulging in. This reminds me of how one day I went swimming and my Oura ring very accurately recorded and categorized the activity as swimming by itself. I found this quite a fascinating feature and of course very useful one.

Along with the improvement of my circadian rhythm, the Oura ring’s ability to track my activity levels really accelerated my weight loss. Because I was getting all the data, I became more mindful of my movements, and my energies were focused on trying to burn more calories each day.

The Oura Ring is Waterproof!

Coming back to where we started from – the convenience of this beautiful piece of tech.

This ring tracker is water resistant which means that you don’t have to worry about taking it off while hopping in the shower, doing the dishes, or any daily activity that requires contact with water. I cannot emphasize enough how liberating this is.

As I shared at the beginning of the article, you will forget about the ring soon after putting it on, yet it will still do all the necessary tracking for you. This ease of use and how seamlessly it blends with your everyday activities is what makes the Oura ring stand out from the rest. And to truly realize its potential, you have to give it a try, and you never know – It might just transform your whole life just like it did mine.

I think we can add here that its also looks very cool and like an accessory. Please always compliment on what a cool ring I have and don’t realize that it’s a Oura Ring and all the functional it has. Then people are totally wow’d. Lets please add this part, its important.


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