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How to Raise Your Level of Consciousness



I started my FLFE free trial back in April of 20222. Interestingly, I had read David Hawkins books years ago and was aware about his concepts around the levels of consciousness. Because of that understanding I have always incorporated daily rituals into my life in an effort to raise and maintain higher levels of consciousness. Back in April of 2022, I was really struggling mentally and energetically on a personal and professional level. What is also interesting is that I was also seeking something outside myself to guide and protect me from all the negativity that was coming my way on daily basis and really struggling on working through it and handling it. It was really depleting and draining me and I just felt really overwhelmed and out of control. I was still focusing on my daily rituals like meditation, writing, walking etc. but it was just so exhausting and difficult to get myself up to do anything. I knew something need to change and at times like this I usually retreat and withdraw to regroup to shift my energy and get back to flow.


I think the major challenges I was having back in April is that I was working with very toxic individuals who were at a much lower vibration, we were not aligned at all with my own values and belief system. We were working on 2 financing deals at the time for over $200million and reached a point of the deal where all the documents and agreements were executed. There was just one final step. Interestingly, both parties had been procrastinating for weeks up until I signed up and after the first week or 10 days of FLFE both of my deals had collapsed. I was a bit confused, deflated, disappointed and just a lot of different emotions running through me because I had worked tirelessly to get these large transactions executed and to the final step. Again, I had gotten to that point working with very toxic and low vibrational individuals who were involved in the deals.


First of all, I could of easily blamed FLFE as the timing was perfect. However, I evolved so much have educated myself about higher levels of awareness and higher levels of consciousness works, I understood there were much greater forces in play. I will be straightforward, as what appealed to me mostly about FLFE was to magnify my vibration and to elevate all areas of my life with the support of a higher frequency. It just seemed that I got off the wrong foot, but I also understood that I probably needed to go through a cleansing process and clear out all the unnecessary business deals, people, and things in my life to open the space for higher vibrational opportunities, people, experiences, and things to come in that align with me. That’s when I went through an interesting phase.


Things got increasing quiet for a couple months, yet I felt better mentally and physically. I was very focused, and things felt easier and lighter. I understood that I was going through a clean up period. Through this process, what was interesting is that random synchronicities would unfold and new unique opportunities would arise from the unknown but still had to work through some of the past residue. For example, I was presented with an incredible job opportunity that was so exciting on multiple levels, yet to find out that the offer was not genuine. What I am taking away from this experience is that, this opportunity really did come out of nowhere since the opportunity was introduced to me by an acquaintance that I hadn’t spoken to in 9 months or rarely someone I speak or spoken to. Yet, I came to her mind when this opportunity was available. Additionally, I reconnected with an old friend and was able to finance another deal that executed yet, once again collapsed at the last step. However, these did not sting as much as previously because in a way I felt protected as cliché and as weird as it sounds. I was ok, with it not working out whereas before, it would really deflate me. I am continuing on my journey and understanding that things are getting cleaned up for something just right.


I think the most profound and cherished experiences I have had with FLFE in the past months is the new people I have met and connected with. It’s unexplainable and all unexpected, yet very natural and beautiful at the same time. I feel so blessed on the incredible people I have met in the last couple months and all the new deep real connections I have made so randomly. Its quite shocking honestly. It is also fascinating on the quality of business contacts I have made and the new opportunities that have been arising recently. What has been exciting is how people have been so responsive to me and complimentary towards me. I say this without ego and with total sincerity. I don’t think I have received this many compliments, love, and how people seem to be drawn to me. I think that has been the most shocking and exhilarating part because either I am not aware of it or not acknowledging it but I don’t think I am acting or being any different than I was before. I will say I am more open and relaxed, which says to me with a little shift how giving the universe can be. But I don’t believe there has been a major change in my behavior because I my current challenges have not really changed much, which makes it all that interesting. Meaning with all the personal and work challenges I face; I sense I am at a much higher consciousness and seem to be waiting for things to catch up and align in the time space realm. I have never had this many people say to me how incredible my energy and soul is constantly, its wild and makes me suspicious at the same time😉. This obviously validates a lot of the inner work I do for myself and the tools like FLFE I continue to utilize on a daily basis.


I believe the real tipping point came for me at the end of September where once again and where the real shift happened as I was going through a quiet period once again. I had reached out to my friend in London to see if she could help me with a project financing deal and she immediately asked me if I was going to Mykonos. Essentially, I had no idea of what she was talking about. I said no, what’s going on in Mykonos. She said she was going to introduce me to a dear friend that was organizing an investor/entrepreneur conference. I didn’t think it was possible because it was so late as it was starting in a few days, mentally I just wasn’t there to be part of something like that, and since it was last minute financially it just didn’t make sense to go for a few days. I really didn’t intend to go, but the day before the event started, I don’t know what happened, but I decided to go and it was a really profound experience on a professional and personal level. It was exactly what I needed at the right time and things haven’t been the same since professionally and personally. I didn’t have any expectation except that I just needed to be there and show up. In hindsight, I have new friends and connections, and new projects I am working on. Most importantly, my vibration and energy this time really feels elevated.


What I have learned in the past months and what people need to understand when I talk with that is that FLFE is not a quick fix or a magic wand. I feel people are lazy and set such high expectations that they expect instant miracles or instant gratification. I do believe in miracles in a certain content, which is if you do the foundational work and have a high level of an awareness, we don’t call these occurrences miracles, were just in a much higher level of consciousness and vibration and in the flow of our experience. Then I think FLFE magnifies and tips things or supports you in your endeavors. For me I feel it has been the invisible hand that supports and elevates me in a pure and natural way. What’s great is that once you move through he cleansing period as I call it, things begin to compound and that’s where I think the real magic happens. Especially, when synchronicities, the compliments, and random rendezvous unfold – this is priceless and there is no turning back.


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