Often when we talk about visualization and manifestation tools, we think about the law of attraction and how it aligns with our thoughts, feelings, and vibration.


Over the years, I have utilized all kinds of practices and tools. I have practiced the Abraham Hicks vortex meditations, Maxwell Maltz visualization of enhancing self-image, vision boards, and many other techniques, practices, and meditations I have picked up at seminars, workshops, private coaching, and books.


My daily visualization and manifestation tools nowadays are to visualize for 15 minutes in the mornings and give gratitude for 10 minutes.


It’s important to point out that these visualizations incorporate all the senses of sight (vision), sound (auditory), smell (olfaction), taste (gustation), and touch (tactician). To clarify, if you have your eyes closed and visualizing your dream car you will visualize your red car, the sound of the music in the car or the engine, the smell of the leather seats or your perfume, the taste of sipping water or coffee in your car, and the touch of the steering wheel.


At night, I have created and watch my own Mind Movie that is filled with positive affirmations, inspiring images, with music that motivates and inspires me. I think I have exaggerated a bit since I find this visualization and manifestation tools to be profound by making my Mind Movie is about 12+ minutes long. It focuses on all the areas of my life in regard to my career, money, relationships, health, travel, and material desires. It’s a profound empowering visualization and manifestation tool that I can vouch for. I look forward to watching my Mind Movie right before I go to sleep. I have been watching my Mind Movie on and off for the past 4-5 years. When I don’t watch it, something feels off and off track.

A few of the wild manifestations that I have experienced with my Mind Movie. I had a clip of me moving to another country and its did end up happening. Even more interesting, I moved to the compound that was in my Mind Movie that was the view from the flat.


Another one, that was interesting was that I had an affirmation about money and how in comes to me in different forms. The image was a stack of gold bars. I somehow ended up in gold transactions and ended up completing 2 gold deals and holding the gold bars in my hands. Another profound one was an image of a fit guy with a six pack with the affirmation, I am fit, strong, healthy at 187lbs.


I was at 228lbs and dropped down to 187 and look very healthy and strong now. Since I love to travel, another affirmation was that I have travel to 6 new places I have never been before each year. Even during Covid, I was able to travel to 6+ new destinations I have never been.

The caveat here is that the visualization and manifestation tools work, but you must be disciplined and watch your Mind Movie, really own it, and make it yours. When you’re watching, it’s important to get your breathing and energy into it. I focus on breathing from my heart, which really connects me at a deeper and emotional level.


Magically, things just start to manifest. I haven’t manifested everything yet; I have some really big ones in there and motivated everyday to watch my Mind Movie because when I do I sense it happening, feel and stay connected to my desires. And when you least expect it, you realize it was in your Mind Movie. It is very profound.


What I have also done is put images of myself into the Mind Movie to make it as realistic as possible. I took the head of a guy in a fitness magazine and replaced it with my headshot. I have an image of myself driving my dream car. I have images of myself in my dream home. I think you get it how these visualization and manifestation tools work. I highly recommend creating your own Mind Movie and utilizing the visualization and manifestation tools they offer.


How to create your very own Mind Movie?


By now, you must be wondering – how I can create a Mind Movie of my own?


Alright! It’s pretty simple, and here it goes:


Choose what areas of your areas you want to focus on.

Unless you are faced with a big problem in one specific area of your life, like suffering from a debilitating disease, or there is an enormous stack of debt choking on your well-being – I would suggest you include every area of your life in your Mind Movie.


Four general key areas that every human wants to work on are health, career, relationships, and money.


The next step is to get very clear on what you want to achieve in every area. Maybe you want to shed the extra pounds, or perhaps you feel like traveling the world for free; whatever it is, get very clear about it.


I would suggest that you write down these goals and desires on a piece of paper. Writing them down would really help you gain ever more clarity on what your heart truly desires.


Now make some positive affirmations that you could use in your mind.


Positive affirmations are small statements intended to reprogram your beliefs via repetition.

If you are still unsure about how to choose the best affirmations, then don’t worry; I got you!

At the end of this article, I will be including a list of some powerful positive affirmations that you can use (as they are) in your mind movie or perhaps make a little tweak here and there so that they best match your life vision.

Choose some pictures from the internet that would match those affirmations. For example, If you desire to get married soon, then choose a picture of a happy couple enjoying their best life.

Pinterest is my personal favorite source for getting stunning imagery for my Mind Movie.

Now you are all ready to make your first Mind Movie. Simply go to www.mindmovies.com and create one for yourself. Put in your affirmations and pictures and wait. Voila! You just got one step closer to achieving your life vision.


Affirmations to put in your Mind Movie


Here are some powerful affirmations that you can put in your Mind Movie.


Affirmations for Health:

1. My body is perfectly healthy now.

2. Each cell of my body is vibrant and rejuvenated.

3. I am forever young and healthy.

4. My body is incredibly self-healing.

5. I am so grateful for my health and well-being.


Affirmations for Career:

1. I am a high achiever.

2. I am a genius.

3. I am incredibly skilled and talented.

4. Doors of success and abundance keep opening for me.

5. My career is booming, and I am so content with my work.


Affirmations for Relationships:

1. I attract only the best people in my life.

2. I have an incredible support system.

3. I am always surrounded by positive people.

4. All my relationships bring me immense joy and satisfaction.

5. I am loved, respected, and valued.


Affirmations for Money:

1. Money always comes to me in avalanches of abundance from infinite sources.

2. I am now attracting money from left, right, and center.

3. I am becoming wealthier each day.

4. My money grows exponentially.

5. My money supply is never-ending.


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