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Dopamine – One of the fabulous brain chemicals to be aware of

New studies have found that mediation increases Dopamine levels. For one to build an awareness and mindfulness, we need to understand how our mind and body works and connected. What’s causing it to react and feel the things we do.

Ultimately, our brain and body need and seek out dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins to feel elated. However, nobody seems to mention them or how to boost the production of these “feel good” chemicals. As a result, we are totally unaware and how simple it is in accessing such chemicals in beneficial and harmful ways.

Dopamine is coined as the “feel good” hormone that gives a person a sense of pleasure and integral part of your reward system. It’s also feeds into our blind spots in addiction such as coffee, shopping, sex, social media, food, etc. Basically, when we engage in such activities, we get a dopamine hit. Its also to be aware that the self help world thrives on this and built around this. I have been at very well known seminar where your getting dopamine hit after hit and when your at an ultimate high, they upsell you on the next seminar or their products at the back of the room.

I hope putting things in this content sheds some light.

Another vivid example is the addiction of cocaine and methamphetamine. These two drugs cause massive release of dopamine and why people become so addicted to them because that stimulate is the only source for dopamine because that’s 1) fast and easy way to feel amazing and 2) you get so high that it becomes your baseline and there is no reason to put any effort into anything else. I have been exposed to lots of cocaine and many other drugs throughout my life and grateful that I never tired it. I definitely don’t suggest it either.

So how can one release dopamine naturally through in a mindful way by thoughts and feelings? Very simple – take care of my body by eating well, exercising, sleeping, and not consuming toxic foods and drinks. Meditate and take care of your body by exercising and taking care of your mind, feed it uplifting and expanding thoughts ideas. Listen to music, dance, and have mindful sex (j/k) – have meaning and great sex! Surround yourself with the right people who are aligned with you.

Again, don’t forget to add that dopamine increases motivation, since it is related to pleasure.

It directly influences emotions, cognitive process, movement control, cardiac activity, learning ability, attention span and bowel movement… It is directly connected to ADHD, schizophrenia, and Parkinson disease.

Now the fun part, my sources of dopamine high’s. My younger years, I used to get them typically from attending a lot of self-help seminars, hence the example you read above. One of the best places for instant dopamine highs. But afterwards when you leave and go back to your natural environment you do experience a low, it’s impossible to maintain that level of dopamine especially after walking on hot coils or jumping from a telephone poll and feeding off the energy and adrenaline of a couple thousand people.

Nowadays, as I have become more mature, mindful, and grounded by walks outside daily, exercise, lots of meditation, coffee, eating healthy, shopping, travel, starting and not finishing projects, and going to nice places to eat. Essentially, I have found a way’s to balance, it’s not perfect. I also read a lot and listen to 2-3 audio books, and youtube videos week to keep my mind right. First of you have to be aware of what your doing and how your doing it and just build balance around it. Everyone is unique, find what propels you and keeps your feeling good.


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